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Craig David - I Know You (Audio) ft. Bastille

Sea and beaches, entertainment and nightlife.

В Айя-Напе на пляже Makronissos состоится вечеринка TS5 с участием британского певца и автора песен, обладателя многочисленных наград и платиновых дисков Крейга Дэвида (Craig David). Свои песни Крейг начал писать еще будучи подростком, а в 14 лет устроился работать диджеем на радиостанцию, специализирующуюся на музыке в стиле «гараж». В 18 лет музыкант стал самым молодым английским певцом, чей хит (с дебютного сингла Fill Me In) в марте года стал №1 в британских хит-парадах. Второй сингл 7 Days и последовавший за ним альбом Born To Do It также попали в первые строки национальных чартов

The Cypriot coast is increasingly popular with young people and not afraid of comparisons with other party destinations of the Mediterranean. Third Mediterranean island by size, Cyprus really offers much for visitors: Cyprus managed to surprise everyone, with its old world charm and mysterious, but at the same time modern and party boy.

It is not by chance that, in recent years, This island has become an increasingly popular destination for the young and the nightlife in Cyprus has evolved to provide new places for the night entertainment and parties at any time of day or night. Every year the island of Cyprus is stormed by a crowd of boys and girls mainly from North and East Europe, looking for fun. Among the many places of Cyprus, Ayia Napa is definitely the point of reference for anyone looking the nightlife and non-stop fun.

Young people who love the beach parties and the non-stop fun should head towards the town of Ayia Napa , a true paradise for nightlife , one of the best in Europe. The area of Ayia Napa is extraordinarily equipped with both beautiful beaches and blue sea, combined with an extraordinary offer for the night entertainment , with attractions aimed for young people who want to party and dance until morning.

Fun is a must for Ayia Napa: Ayia Napa is a centre of attraction for people of all ages and from all over the world who come here to enjoy the atmosphere of transgression and simplicity that reigns in this place. Ayia Napa is famous for its nightlife and have a wide selection of clubs, more than 80 bars are different from each other, bars open all day and all night, restaurants, shops and hotels to no end.

The nightlife of Ayia Napa really offers a wide choice of places to have fun, Whatever your music or your party, you will find bars and club nights for everyone. The many discos and night clubs often organize theme nights or events with international djs, and they are open from June to late August Some even from April to late November. Many clubs offer free admission for those who enter during opening hours or in low season, While during the high season you can pay up to 25 Euro depending on the event.

All clubs have some PR that distribute discounted tickets or discounts on drinks. There is no dress code, where you will find a wide range of styles, especially very imaginative: The party starts already from noon, When young people begin to pour on the beach Nissi Beach where, up to Although most bars around the square and the main street of Ayia Napa opens at At the beginning of the night, the bars that offer the cheapest drinks tend to be more crowded than the bars in the city center.

Locals at the lower end of the Strip, along the Nissi Avenue and towards the Harbour, are most appreciated by families, from couples and by those who want a quieter evening. But the real fun starts around the 1. The clubs usually close around 5 in the morning, but some of them stay open until 7 alle 8. At the end of the day it is common to see many kids meet at the beach for a swim or for hitting on some girl you just met at the disco.

Craig David once again brings his astonishing TS5 live show to Ayia Napa with 3 dates confirmed for Named for the parties he held at his former home (Tower Suite, Miami) the TS5 show combines live DJing, mixing, singing and Mc-ing, in a way that can only be done by the musical wonder that is Craig David. Held at the stunning venue of Macronissos Beach Club, the events start as the sun sets over the Mediterranean and continue with dancing under the stars. After 2 sell-out dates last year in Ayia Napa, Craig David has confirmed that he will be back for with the shows promising to be b.

Ayia Napa summer season extends from April to October, so if you come here off peak months, However, still a lot of fun. Events in Ayia Napa Ayia Napa offers lots of events throughout the summer. In addition to the majority of clubs that have their own party planning, foam parties and parties based paint, There are weekly events like bar crawls, beach parties, Special events, shows and concerts.

The most popular bar crawls in Ayia Napa are currently two: Weekly beach parties are held at the Macronissos Beach Club , which, along with the Kandi Beach , represents one of the largest Cyprus events: The events Beach Cult see the participation of the best djs and international artists in the music industry. The bar staff performs with joy in shows with strange costumes and fire games, especially in its themed nights, as the Masquerade Wednesday , the Full Moon Party and night Playboy.

The Club Ice is one of the largest clubs in Ayia Napa and divides up 2 levels. The stage hosts daily evenings and special events and foam party, along with dense a schedule of shows and international djs. The lower level is a super underground club with several bars, While the upper floor of the Ice Club also doubles as a pre-club bar before turning into a dance floor. Located in a small Valley full of trees, play of light and a relaxed atmosphere, the club has a large pool and a dance floor where regularly take place the foam party, bikini and wet t-shirt contests, and all kinds of fun.

The River Reggae is definitely a must of nightlife of Ayia Napa and it is an essential step if you want to partying in Cyprus. The club is located within walking distance and can be found by following the lights projected in the sky. Five hours of partying in the middle of the sea, with indoor and outdoor dance floors, loud music and alcohol. An experience not to be missed. With a capacity of people, the club hosts some of the largest festivals in the city.

Music programming is focused mainly on House music and old school. This club has habitually many celebrities and sports stars. The Black N White is located just off the main square and is open every night in summer and on weekends during the winter.

The atmosphere here is very easy and festive, with so many people dancing on the bar counter and sings. There is always something for everyone: Always popular with young people between the ages of 20 and the 30 years, the Castle Club It is certainly a must to soak up the bubbly nightlife in Cyprus.

The place is sutiato on the outskirts of Ayia Napa and has a huge stage, a VIP area and an area for dancing on the beach, from which you can admire the spectacular sunsets. With a friendly atmosphere and fun, This club offers mostly House music, While in the winter there are also some Greek music nights. The Soho Club is a chic and sophisticated, attended by an international clientele and located in the Centre of Ayia Napa.

This club, serving mainly Russian dance music, is a huge site, largely underground and spread across multiple layers. The Soho It looks like the perfect place for an upscale clubbing: Unlike the rest of the clubs in Ayia Napa, Here the clientele is smart and she dresses to impress and get noticed.

The Starsky is a disco not so great but always very busy, as it is one of the favorite among young people on holiday in Ayia Napa.

The interiors are well kept and there is only one dance floor, While the music played is the one from disco. Situated on the busiest Beach in Ayia Napa, the Nissi Bay Beach Bar has the best djs on the island, and numerous tours of international shows.

The ideal place if you are looking for night adventures. The most popular bars in Ayia Napa are located near the main square and around Circus Square , two heavily populated areas both, especially during the high season, and with the best fun outdoors. The bar is also open during the day and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the drinks until the wee hours of the morning. The Hard Rock Cafe conveniently located in the city center, right in front of the main square and monastery.

Famous for its classic theme song and its special dishes, the bar also hosts regular live music performances. Located on the main strip Ayias Mavris It is a large bar with live music 7 days a week and is open until early morning. It is usually open from March until October. The Bedrock Inn is a very special atmosphere with bar, inspired by the Flintstones cartoon. A place to spend crazy and fun evenings. Located in the Centre of Ayia Napa, the Bar Arbat is a bar frequented mostly by Russians and serving cocktails until the early hours of the evening.

The perfect place to start your evening with a drink. The party starts from Often the bar acts as a pre-party for the near Soho Club. Here you can also smoke the hookah. The Nu Bar is the only bar dedicated to rock music in Ayia Napa. It offers a selection of music ranging from classic rock and alternative music metal. The Footloose also has some pool tables and darts and also organizes evenings with karaoke and special events.

The most popular is the one with Latin music. The Senior Frogs is a well known for its party atmosphere and crazy fun. Open from March to November. The Lounge Bar conveniently located in the heart of Ayia Napa. Located right next to the old monastery with its tables and chairs that extend even to the square, This bar is a comfortable place to stop and relax both day and night with a cocktail.

In addition to, You can also smoke the hookah. On weekends the Lounge Bar often hosts djs, artists and various shows. Which is also located in the main square, the The Embassy Bar is one of the first bars to open early in the season and one of the last to close in late summer.

Music proposal focuses on dance songs of the moment. The bars Aruba has recently undergone a massive restoration and reopened in June with a great new look. Big and audaece, one of the busiest crossings bar Aruba dominates in the Centre of Ayia Napa. Located just off the main square, the Bazaar Bar It is known his music selection focuses on sounds RnB, bashment, hiphop and Garage. The Cafe Del Mar is a beach bar situated in a splendid location overlooking the beautiful beach of Vathia Gonia.

This beach is located near the area of Nissi Bay in Ayia Napa, a perfect place for both day and night.

Суса́на Али́мовна Джамалади́нова (известная как Джама́ла или Jamala; род. 27 августа , Ош, Киргизская ССР, СССР) — украинская певица и актриса крымскотатаро-армянского происхождения, народная артистка Украины (), выпускница Национальной музыкальной академии Украины. Исполняет песни в жанрах джаз, соул, фанк, фолк, поп и электро, а также принимает участие в оперных постановках и шоу. Читать дальше...

Open during the day and into the evening, the Cafe Del Mar offers a wide range of drinks and cocktails in a comfortable environment. The bar is open from May to September and also hosts beach parties and special events with djs and House music. Craigs projects the biggest sporting events featuring teams from Scotland and offers buckfast, cocktails and beers. It is open from May to October and serves cocktails until the early morning hours. The Delirium is a colourful bar with lights, foam, glitter and other shiny things that contrast with the dark furniture.

The bar is open from April to October. The The Lads Gravel is the most popular meeting point for Scandinavian visitors: The Kahlua Bar It first opened its doors in and since then the party has more stop.

This is one of the oldest bars in Ayia Napa and is right in its Center. With poles, stages and several bars to choose from, the Kahlua is always well attended.

Other fun bar in Ayia Napa on the pirate theme. Much alcohol, songs by club and girls dancing on the bar counter and on the poles. Located at the top of via Katalymata, Zic Zac is a bar frequented predominantly by Swiss.

Sea and beaches, entertainment and nightlife.


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Craig David will be performing this year at BCL Festival...
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(Пн) с В Айя-Напе на пляже Makronissos состоится вечеринка TS5...
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Концерт Крейга Дэвида. Контактная информация. Адрес: Makronissos Beach, Ayia Napa;...
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Top Tracks - Craig David

Легендарный R&B исполнитель Craig David в Айя Напе! Исключительная возможность...
Кипр - Айя-Напа 4 мар в 🚨Craig David is returning...

BCL Music Festival presents: TS5 started out as the most exclusive pre-party in Miami hosted by Craig at his penthouse home, Tower Suite 5. Craig is no stranger to the DJ life.

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